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If you love Steven Wright (sometimes mistakenly spelled Stephen Wright), you can join the thousands of people who laugh themselves silly over his ironic, witty, and clever quotations every single day.

I know I sure do -- that's why it was so difficult to confine myself to just ten favorites.

Still, number one came easily enough, because Steven Wright actually gave me the inspiration for my sister's birthday card: "Someone sent me a postcard picture of the earth. On the back it said, 'Wish you were here'."

If you're not familiar with comedian Steven Wright, this is a great place to get started. You might even find the perfect description of your very own life: "Well, you know when you're rocking in a rocking chair, and you go so far that you almost fall over backwards, but at the last instant you catch yourself? That's how I feel all the time."

It's true: few can match Steven Wright for humor and wit. Enjoy this site and become a little more familiar with Steven Wright humor.

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