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Whether you're looking for inspiring or funny quotes, you'll find them here. We even have the best in cute graduation quotes -- such as Robert Orben's humorous observation that "a graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that 'individuality' is the key to success."

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Maybe you want some senior graduation quotes for your scrapbook -- if so, Erma Bombeck is sure to make people smile: "Graduation day is tough for adults. They go to the ceremony as parents. They come home as contemporaries. After twenty-two years of child-raising, they are unemployed."

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Favorite Graduation Quotes #1
A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that 'individuality' is the key to success.
Robert Orben
Favorite Graduation Quotes #2
You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world.
Tom Brokaw
Favorite Graduation Quotes #3
Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
Anthony J. D'Angelo
Favorite Graduation Quotes #4
You cannot help but learn more as you take the world into your hands. Take it up reverently, for it is an old piece of clay, with millions of thumbprints on it.
John Updike
Favorite Graduation Quotes #5
Sooner or later we all discover that the important moments in life are not the advertised ones, not the birthdays, the graduations, the weddings, not the great goals achieved. The real milestones are less prepossessing. They come to the door of memory unannounced, stray dogs that amble in, sniff around a bit and simply never leave. Our lives are measured by these.
Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906) American reformer
Favorite Graduation Quotes #6
School's out, Memories past, Don't ever doubt, Our friendship will last.
Favorite Graduation Quotes #7
Life is my college. May I graduate well, and earn some honors.
Louisa May Alcott
Favorite Graduation Quotes #8
Just about a month from now I'm set adrift, with a diploma for a sail and lots of nerve for oars.
Richard Halliburton
Favorite Graduation Quotes #9
Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.
B.F. Skinner
Favorite Graduation Quotes #10
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

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