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Who can resist Robin Williams quotes? The man is just as funny now as he ever was, even if you don't hear his name quite as often. If you're looking to refresh your memory and have a good laugh, browse our library of famous quotes.

Only a real funny man (or funny woman!) can quote Robin Williams, so start cultivating your reputation today. In his own words, "comedy is acting out optimism" -- and what better way to honor comedy than in the words of those who love it best?

There are so many wonderful quotes from Robin Williams that it's impossible to choose a favorite, but this one might come close: "You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." Of all the funny quotes by Robin Williams, the best are those with a spark of philosophy -- the ones that make you think while you laugh.

Enjoy these famous quotes by Robin Williams, and next time you're planning a speech, a talk, or just writing a card to a friend with the blues, remember these Robin Williams quotes.

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Top 10 List of Robin Williams Quotes:

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