Top 10 Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Who can resist Grey's Anatomy quotes? Not me, that's for sure. Every time I discover new Greys Anatomy quotes, it makes me want to watch the whole series all over again.

One of the quotes from Grey's Anatomy that seems to sum up the whole show comes from Meredith Gray: "Whoever said winning wasn't everything... never held a scalpel." Too true! And it perfectly captures the witty but heartfelt mood of the show.

Every now and then there are some pretty brilliant Greys Anatomy love quotes, too: "I wish there were a rulebook for intimacy. Some kind of guide to tell you when you've crossed the line... You take it where you can get it and keep it as long as you can. And as for rules, maybe there are none. Maybe the rules of intimacy are something you have to define for yourself." (Dr. Meredith Gray)

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Top 10 List of Favorite Grey's Anatomy Quotes:

There you have it -- some of the most memorable Grey's Anatomy quotes from some of your favorite characters. Make sure you keep tuning in each week, because you just never know what they're going to say next. :-)