Cute Love Quotes -- Our Top 10 List of Favorites...

Kids say the darndest things and the cute love quotes they come up with are no exception. Happen to be a parent of a love sick teenager?

Point out the brilliance behind the words of ten year-old Regina: "I'm not rushing into being in love. I'm finding fourth grade hard enough."

With cute quotes about love from such notables as Mark Twain and Barbara Bush, and cute funny love quotes from everyone from Albert Einstein and Woody Allen, we've got you covered whatever your situation.

Feeling unsure about the current status of your love life? Who could forget this gem from Allen? "I was nauseous and tingly all over. I was either in love or I had smallpox."

Feeling a bit... snarky? How about cute love quotes from movies, like this one from Woody Allen's Crimes and Misdemeanors. "My husband and I fell in love at first sight--maybe I should have taken a second look."

So whether you're looking to impress your girl on your first big date, or looking to make your husband of 50 years fall in love with you all over again, we've got a cute love quote that will give that special someone a big smile in our...

Top 10 List of Favorite Cute Love Quotes:

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